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Logistic and Distribution

Logistics Solution in the European Union and UK

Despite the fact that eCommerce company can be managed online there is still an important physical part of the business and that is logistics. Customers purchasing goods online expect to receive the right product at as soon as possible. Therefore, dealing with things like warehousing, pick & pack and delivery is inevitable even for an online merchant.

In order to achieve sales goals, the order fulfillment process must occur within a specific system, especially when it comes to selling products internationally. That is why more and more online companies are choosing a third-party logistics provider that can effectively take care of the order fulfillment. Moreover, turning to fulfillment services allows benefit the third-party’s technological capabilities and focusing on building a brand, rather than managing deliveries.

Retail Industry

Amazon Europe is an expert in delivery services and offers a set of logistic solutions known as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Using Amazon fulfillment services allows driving more sales with no additional expenses related to distribution and logistics. The FBA mechanism is fairly simple: you sell the product online, while Amazon handles storage, picking, packing and most importantly shipping.

With Amazon FBA program, merchants are able to have a clear overview of their inventory and manage their business via a single Amazon Seller account. Additionally, sellers, as well as buyers, benefit from an order fulfillment customer service conducted by Amazon in the local language of the marketplace. The FBA can also help grow business and boost product exposure thanks to the Amazon Prime program, as the Prime status products are visible to the most loyal category of customers who make purchases more frequently.

Amazon FBA not only ensures product storage and prompt shipping but also helps expand business internationally. Pan-European FBA provides a possibility to reach millions of European customers while reducing the cost of international fulfillment. Sellers send products to one of the European Fulfilment Centers and let Amazon distribute them for storage based on  expected demand. This way products are stored closer to potential customers, which results in faster delivery.

International order fulfillment can be complex, however with Pan-European FBA, online merchants can sell their products across 5 Amazon European marketplaces (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) while paying only a local fulfillment fee. Moreover, FBA Export program allows sellers expanding their offers to all EU countries. At no extra cost, Amazon will fulfill orders that come from amazon.com.uk, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.it, and amazon.es, including handling customs clearance and shipping product to the buyer’s international address.

Companies using a variety of sales channels can also leverage from Amazon Multi-channel Fulfilment service. In this case, Amazon will fulfill orders that originate from seller’s website as well as any other third-party platform. Multi-channel Fulfilment ensures services like pick and pack, shipping and even insurance in case of a failed delivery due to Amazon or carrier fault.

Overall, FBA solutions help online sellers simplify logistics process, reduce delivery cost and minimize the risk of expanding business across Europe.