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Global Expansion

Expanding your Business Worldwide

Brandlab Studio Limited has over 9 years of experience dealing with some of the most biggest and important markets around the world.

Our success comes from our own experience in expanding our own brands and the ability to provide necessary services to industries such as Manufacturing, importing and exporting goods (including food and beverage products), labor, technology and eCommerce.

We have developed very strong infrastructure and international business network, which give us the opportunity to  draw the best plan for expansion even if the business has almost no budget for expanding wordwide.

Our services we are providing are as follow:

  • Assessmant and review of company expansion
  • Product adjusment to local market needs and law
  • Product packaging optimization
  • Online Marketplaces and eCommerce
  • Logistic and supply chain consultancy
  • Company formation, Taxing and Accounting consultation
  • Inbound marketing and Automation
  • Web development and Graphic Design
  • Online Campaign Management
  • Local Language translation services
  • Many others (please contact us now!)

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Our own infrastructure covers the following markets:

European Union

EU is one of the second biggest online marketplace in the world with 602 billions euro generated in online sales in 2017 and each year this number is growing by at least 13-15%.

Branldab Studio Limited operates all over Europe, but mostly concentrate in the biggest markets such as UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. We have established infrastructure to operate in almost every EU country and supply chain ability to deliver to anywhere in EU within maximum of 3 days for a very low fee.

North America

USA, Canada and Mexico are the countries where we operate in. All together this is the 3rd largest online marketplace in the world with generated 460 billion US Dollars in sales in 2017.

Brandlab Studio Limited has its own infrastructure in those 3 countries and ability to take care of online sales, supply chain and local marketing.

China, Japan and SEA

China is the largest online marketplace in the world with 1.1 trillion US Dollars in sales in 2017. South East Asia on the other hand has the potential to grow and become one of the most interesting market in Asia. With population bigger than EU, we beleive that any product from EU or USA should consider expanding over there. And Japan itself has the stunning 85 Billion US Dollars in sales in 2018.

Brandlab Studio Limited has its own developed infrastructure in China and HK with its subsidiary ZS International Trading Limited (HK & China), which can cover every step of the expansion process and turn your product into hot sale in this region.

How we can help you expand?

There are Four general stages in the expansion process we do:

  1. Market research – in this stage (last around 1 to 2 months) we analyse your products, your capabilities and advantages. We do market and competetive research. And we do the math (the most important part). Also, we will discuss packaging and labeling, which need to fits into the new markets and be optimized for cheaper logistics. Also, we will be able to help with suppliers, in order to optimize the cost of your products and be more competetive. If at the end your products are approved, we can go to the next step
  2. Early stage – Once your products are approved by us we will sign a trial contract for a period of 3 to 6 months. During this period, we will place your products in the right marketplaces and apply our strategies to boost them and see how local customers react about your products. If at the end of the trial period, both sides are happy with the results, we will continue working together and will sign exclusivity contract for the next five years.

3. Marketplaces stage – in this stage (last for around 1 year after “Early stage” is passed) we are going to scale the sales of your products and to add more markets where you will expand. Also new products will be added. This period is cruicial for both sides to understand  how your products can become market leaders and what steps need to be done for achieving it. 

4. Full Online Expansion – This stage will start at least one year after the 1st stage and will take most longer as is the last stage. During this stage, we will establish your full global online presence where your brand will have its own eCommerce website with capability to offer your products wordwide with local deliveries, in local language and local customer suport. Also, local social media presence will be created in all the markets you are present. A specific Inbound marketing strategy will be implemented and follow

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eXpandlab™  – The Future of fully automated global expansion for local manufacturers


Our very special project called eXpandlab™, which will help any manufacture around the world to go global with few clicks and only one admin panel for management. For more information, please send us your message!